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Chris Lithgow Smith

Founder & Chief Coach 

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Chrisalyst® symbolises both the development journey and the positive energy needed to precipitate an emergent change that, to the external world, appears transformational. It teaches us that to grow, we need a nurturing environment, where we can feel safe, build that positive energy, and develop the resources we need before we emerge as more than, but including, what we were before. And as we transcend, like the butterfly, having discovered what was  hidden within, we are stronger, we are bold. We are full of the life and creativity that allows our minds to be brilliant. To solve the unsolvable, to envision a new way through, and develop something new.  Minds that are needed by every organisation today to navigate the challenges, old and new, in the future of work.

Underpinning science

This philosophy is underpinned by a deep understanding of human nature, the psychology of how as adults we continue to develop throughout the course of our lifespan, and through Chris's doctoral research, the latest findings from the neurosciences that look at our underlying biology as well.  What was once thought of as body, mind, and spirit, might be better described as body, mind, and brain.  We use this new understanding of the interplay between these, how they construct our awareness, and therefore our experience of the world to inform truly inciteful coaching that supports our clients with the inner work required to acheiving breakthrough thinking.


Fuelled by an aspiration for us all to have a life well lived, a key part of which is unleashing the unique talents we have within and bringing them into the workplace where we devote so much of our time.   Chris's unique mix of hands-on experience, having been a leader herself,  is paired with eclectic knowledge and ongoing research, that enables her to quickly identify how best to help leaders create space to spark. The secret ingredient missed by so many to unlock and deliver an elite performance. 

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Passionate people

Chris is personally involved with every engagement and has hand picked a number of incredible coaches who work with her on an associate basis for larger projects.  Every one of them is brilliant in their own way, supports the Chrisalyst® philosophy, shares our aspiration, aligns with our values, and brings at least 20 years of hands-on professional experience as well qualifying at Henley Business School.  

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