September 25, 2019

To be or not to be, that is the question on my mind this rainy Wednesday morning.  No, I haven’t gone back to my thespian roots, although sometimes I’d like to. I have been pondering what I mean by having a “life well lived” and this popped into my head.  Don’t get me...

Working with leaders to help them create change, there is always the great debate about why it is so difficult; how do you make it work?  Often, it’s the simple things in life that remind us that at the heart of change is people – it always comes back to people. Think...

I went to an amazing event this week. It was all about Neuroscience within the context of Coaching, and hosted by the entertaining Professor Paul Brown. What has Coaching got to do with Neuroscience you might ask? Well, that was one of the first things I learnt: in coa...

February 24, 2019

I was driving my daughter home from ballet yesterday.  We had used the Sat Nav on the way there.  For some reason, my Sat Nav tells you the time now, and the time of arrival, but not how long it will take to get there.  I’d never thought about this before. Surely most...

One of the things I love about being a small business owner is the privilege of being able to attend the events I would otherwise have missed. A couple of weeks ago a dear friend of mine gave me one of these opportunities and I was able to attend a “breakfast meeting f...

What impact will the Digital Age have on Procurement and how can the skills of our ancestors help us thrive.

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March 15, 2019

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