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Chrisalyst describes how we work, in relationship with you.  


A mix of Chrysalis (you) and Catalyst (us).  Our clients are  in a place of transition, they know change needs to happen but perhaps not what it looks like or how to get there.


Our coaches help clients to unravel complexity, create a clear view of the future, and ignite the energy and enthusiasm needed to make it happen.  Wondering if we can help you?  Call for a conversation today.

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Ian Tyler

Ian uses his board experience and 40+ years leading operations in tech and telecoms to support CTO's navigate both  the Digital and People challenges they face.


Chris Lithgow Smith 

Our founder, Chris, leverages her experience, and reaserch in Leadership Awareness to help you grow, make successful business decisions, and offer amazing leadership.

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Dr Stephen Richards

Bringing his clinical expertise to the coaching arena Stephen works as at board level to help NHS and Local Authority leaders to deliver the quadruple aim.


Mark Prisk

Mark's diverse experience as a former MP, Government Minister, Trade Envoy & Chartered Surveyor give depth to his work as an Executive Coach and Mentor. 




“..excellent and very professional, but with a human touch...knew just the right time to ask the killer questions that took my thinking to a new and/or unexplored place. Always felt safe to explore my feelings and motivations for thoughts and ideas....Highly recommended! ”

— CEO, Age UK Lancashire

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