Chrisalyst is a concept. A mix of Catalyst and Chrysalis we are a team of experienced leaders from various sectors and industries,  and more importantly, we're qualified coaches. We met at Henley Business School where we studied and pracitised the application of the latest thinking from psychology and neuroscience in coaching. That means we have the experience, the skills and the attitude to help you create the space and spark you need to create postive change that delivers for your organisation. 




We don't move in to do it for you. We enable you, we support you, and we have your back.

We are purpose led. We're all at a stage in our lives where we want a life well lived and to help others do the same.  That means we listen to your challenges, the solution you are looking for, and offer a number of ways to help you improve relationships, change behaviours, and your own thinking to get there. We work with individuals and teams at leadership to executive level in both one to one and workshop environments dependent upon the need. 


If you have a problem, take the first step, call us and see how we can help.  

Ian Tyler

Ian uses his board experience and 40+ years leading operations in tech and telecoms to support CTO's navigate both  the Digital and People challenges they face.

Christine Lithgow Smith MBA

Christine is a Creative Leadership Coach who leverages her own experience to help leaders develop both horizontally and vertically, to create and lead positive change.

Dr Stephen Richards

Bringing his clinical expertise to the coaching arena Stephen works as at board level to help NHS and Local Authority leaders to deliver the quadruple aim.

Beverley Nicholson


Bev's success with transformations within the Health, Education, and Charity sectors has been fueled by her passion for people, relationships and improvement.

Mark Prisk FRICS

Mark's diverse experience as a former MP, Government Minister, Trade Envoy & Chartered Surveyor give depth to his work as a Business Coach and Mentor. 




“..excellent and very professional, but with a human touch...knew just the right time to ask the killer questions that took my thinking to a new and/or unexplored place. Always felt safe to explore my feelings and motivations for thoughts and ideas....Highly recommended! ”

— CEO, Age UK Lancashire


Having lived a life where I've been fortunate enough to experience different walks of life, to fail and then overcome a number of times,  have a successful corporate career,  involving being part of several award-winning transformations, and acheive academic success despite being kicked out of college twice; I've learnt a few things. I've learnt about people, the importance of our relationships and what shapes ours behaviours within those. I've learnt that when it comes to transformation, real lasting change comes from within. People doings things differently create it, not the new system, not the new process, not the new leader with crazy ideas (although we all need a catalyst sometimes).  This applies to every sector and every industry because every business is driven by the relationships of the people sitting at the heart of it. 

Since leaving the coporate world I've spent a lot of time reflecting on what I've learnt, honing my coaching skills and meeting some amazing people who have taught me so much. My coaching practise is growing as is my understanding of how unique we truly are.  I'm actively pursuing my new found interest in neuroscience and what it is teaching us about how we work, and my hope is this will continue to grow to form the core of our business. I feel priviledged to be on this journey and even more so that some of the amazing folk I have met have joined me here at Chrisalyst. 


We offer such a unique combination of experience, skills, knowledge, passion and perhaps more importantly, our time and attention, to help organisations create environments that foster trust.  These are places where people bring the best of themselves, innovation flourishes, solutions abound and the organisation delivers its purpose no matter what is happening in the world around it.


Between us we've worked at some of the highest levels within government and industry, as well as the lowest, and we understand what matters. We all share a passion for life well lived.  That's one of the reasons we've chosen to come together and help organisations create positive change. We thrive when making things better, easier, and more enjoyable for every person they touch. Whatever change your looking to make

I am sure we can help in some small way.  Call us today for a down to earth conversation.

Christine Lithgow Smith

Chrisalyst Ltd
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